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International NGO News

By NGO Monitor
March 20, 2007

Oxfam attributes Palestinian humanitarian situation to "lack of money"

Oxfam's February 21, 2007 press release continued the organization's current trend of interpreting the Palestinian humanitarian situation through a narrow political perspective.  It called on the Quartet to end its "boycott" and Israel to release “confiscated taxes.”  Oxfam further stated that "[i]nternal conflicts in the Occupied Palestinian Territories have been greatly exacerbated by the inability of the PA to deliver essential services because of a lack of money."  In its statement, Oxfam ignores Palestinian corruption and financial mismanagement.


Human Rights Watch announces Middle East vacancies

Human Rights Watch is advertising for a Legal Director to head its International Legal and Policy Office. The job description involves advancing the development of international human rights and humanitarian law through progressive interpretation and standard-setting.

HRW is also seeking a researcher on Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. The advert stresses that candidates must be “able to dispassionately investigate and report on abuses by both Israeli and Palestinian forces without prejudice or favor and despite the intense pressure for partisanship or solidarity that suffuses work on Israeli-Palestinian issues.” The job description requires “excellent skills speaking and reading in both English and Arabic,” but “proficiency in Hebrew is [only] very desirable”.

Given HRW's history of selecting candidates with strong anti-Israel bias, NGO Monitor will closely scrutinize this selection process.


International Crisis Group calls on the international community to engage with Hamas

International Crisis Group, a global NGO working through field-based analysis and high-level advocacy to prevent and resolve deadly conflict,” issued a report on February 28, 2007, calling on the international community to ease the “political and economic boycott [on the Palestinians] …to allow discussions with the government as a whole and give Hamas an incentive to further moderate its stance.”


The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network (EMHRN) continues one-sided calls for the application of international law

In an open letter published on February 26, 2006, prior to the meeting of the Association Council between Europe and Israel, EMHRN called on the EU to lift sanctions against the Palestinian Authority.   The letter criticized Israel exclusively and obfuscated the difference between Israeli Arabs and Palestinians.

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