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Obama's Anti-Cop Rhetoric Gets Written in Blood
By John Perazzo
July 8, 2016

At a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally in Dallas yesterday, demonstrators protested the recent shootings of two African American men by white police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana. “Enough is enough!” the marchers shouted while they held signs bearing slogans like: “If all lives matter, why are black ones taken so easily?” Then, suddenly, several gunmen opened fire on the law-enforcement officers who were on duty at the rally. Four policemen and one transit officer were killed, and six additional police were wounded.

No analysis of this atrocity would be complete without noting the now-indisputable fact that ev
ery sentence, every word, every syllable uttered by Black Lives Matter and its mouthpieces is an unadulterated pile of crap. The entire self-identified purpose of this movementwhich is to demand “an immediate end to police brutality and [to] the murder of Black people and all oppressed people”—is rendered utterly meaningless by a single, concise statement of fact: Of all suspects who are killed by police in the United States each year, 41.7% are white, 20.3% are Hispanic, and 31.7% are blackeven as blacks account for 38.5% of all arrests for violent crimes, which are the types of crimes most likely to trigger a confrontation with police that could result in a fatality.

These numbers do not in any way suggest a lack of restraint by police in their dealings with black suspects. They suggest
precisely the opposite. And that's the dirty little secret. Evidence of systemic racism in police shootings simply doesn't exist. Anywhere. The premise underlying BLM's mission is a lie, founded on a fantasy, stapled to a hallucination, wrapped inside a fairy tale.

Of course, none of this prevented Barack Obama from doing what he does best: lament America's intransigent white racism, and foment public hatred of police officers. This is where the President always shines, and once again he didn't disappoint. Dutifully, Obama trotted out several old favorites from his well-worn collection of hackneyed platitudes:

  • [T]here's a big chunk of our citizenry that feels as if, because of the color of their skin, they are not being treated the same, and that hurts, and that should trouble all of us.”

  • [T]he data shows that black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents. There is a particular burden that is being placed on a group of our fellow citizens.”

  • [W]hat's clear is that these fatal shootings are not isolated incidents. They are symptomatic of the broader challenges within our criminal justice system, the racial disparities that appear across the system year after year, and the resulting lack of trust that exists between law enforcement and too many of the communities they serve.”

A few hours later, 11 officers were shot at a Black Lives Matter rally, and 5 of them lay dead in pools of their own blood.

Black Lives Matter is a terrorist movement, and it should be designated as such by the U.S. government.
Several of BLM's non-negotiable demands are clearly modeled on those that were put forth by the murderous terrorists of the Black Panther Party half a century ago. Moreover, BLM's co-founders revere the Marxist revolutionary, former Black Panther, and convicted cop-killer Assata Shakur for her purported contributions to the “Black Liberation Movement.” They likewise exalt Angela Davis, another Marxist and former Black Panther, who provided the sawed-off shotgun that was used to blow off the head of California Superior Court Judge Harold Haley on August 7, 1970.

Since BLM's founding in 2013, the movement has compiled an ever-expanding roster of martyred black icons whose deaths at the hands of non-blacks
mostly law-enforcement officerssupposedly serve as evidence of a scourge of quasi-genocidal racism that is sweeping the country. Among those dead saints: Trayvon Martin (Sanford, Florida), Eric Garner (New York), Michael Brown (Ferguson, Missouri), Tamir Rice (Cleveland), Timothy Russell (Cleveland), Malissa Williams (Cleveland), Freddie Gray (Baltimore) … and the list goes on. High-profile political leaders such as President Obama, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and the mayors of the cities where the aforementioned deaths took place, have routinely depicted race as a major underlying factor in those deaths. By so doing, they have contributed mightily to the growth of a toxic and deadly anti-police climate all across the United States.

In New York, Baltimore, and elsewhere in urban America, law-enforcement officers responded to this troubling climate by becoming less proactive in apprehending criminals, particularly for low-level offenses. This, in turn, led to a dramatic rise in crime rates in a number of U.S. cities. For 2015 as a whole, America's 56 largest cities 
experienced a 17% rise in homicides; in 10 heavily black cities, murders increased by more than 60%. During the first quarter of this year, homicides in the nation's 63 largest cities increased by another 9%, while nonfatal shootings were up 21%. Such is the bitter harvest of the seeds of terrorism sown by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Moreover, a number of BLM-inspired maniacs have deliberately made police officers the targets of their violence. In December 2014, for instance, a black gunman
shot and killed two uniformed NYPD officers, execution-style, as they sat in their marked police car. In a Facebook message he had posted just prior to carrying out his double murder, the killer made it explicitly clear that his motive was to avenge the recent deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown.

At a Netroots Nation conference last July, Black Lives Matter activists vowed to “rise the fu** up,” “burn everything down,” and avenge” police killings of blacks “by any means necessary.”

On August 29, 2015—just hours after a black gunman had murdered a white sheriff’s deputy in Texas while the latter was pumping gasoline into his car—demonstrators affiliated with the St. Paul, Minnesota branch of Black Lives Matter chanted in unison: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” “Pigs” was a reference to police officers, and “blanket” was a reference to body bags.

Three days later, during a blog-talk-radio program associated with Black Lives Matter, the hosts
laughed about the recent assassination of a Texas deputy who had been shot 15 times at point-blank range while he was gassing up his patrol car. One host, a self-described black supremacist known as “King Noble,” rejoiced that the execution of that “cracker cop” was an indication that “it's open season on killing whites and police officers and probably killing cops, period.” “It’s funny that now we are moving to a time where the predator will become the prey,” he added. “...Today, we live in a time when the white man will be picked off, and there’s nothing he can do about it. His day is up, his time is up. We will witness more executions and killing of white people and cops than we ever have before. It’s about to go down. It’s open season on killing white people and crackas.”

On September 14, 2015, Black Lives Matter supporter/demonstrator Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, a 25-year-old convicted felon, 
shot and killed a rookie Kentucky state trooper named Joseph Cameron Ponder after a high-speed chase.

These attacks against police officers, like the aforementioned increases in urban crime, are not the least bit troubling to BLM, because the only thing that really matters to this movement is finding a spark—e.g., allegations of police vigilantism—that can be used to ignite a race war; to take America back to the “long hot summers” of the 1960s, when criminals were seen as radical “heroes,” police had a bull's-eye on their backs, and the streets of America’s inner cities ran red with fantasies of “revolutionary violence.”

Regardless of these very obvious realities, which demonstrate quite clearly that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist entity, there is precisely zero chance that the government will designate it as such. Why? Because President Obama and the Democrats love BLM and they heartily agree with its premises.

August, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) officially endorsed BLM by approving a resolution that: (a) condemned “the unacceptable epidemic of extrajudicial killings of unarmed black men, women, and children at the hands of police”; (b) stated that the American Dream “is a nightmare for too many young people stripped of their dignity under the vestiges of slavery, Jim Crow and White Supremacy”; (c) demanded the “demilitarization of police, ending racial profiling, criminal justice reform, and investments in young people, families, and communities”; and (d) asserted that “without systemic reform this state of [black] unrest jeopardizes the well-being of our democracy and our nation.”

BLM leaders and activists have visited the Obama White House many, many times since 2013, meeting with not only the President, but also the First Lady and a number of high-level administration officials.

In September 2015, BLM leader Brittany Packnett, fresh off her
seventh visit to the Obama White House, gleefully told reporters that the President had “offered us a lot of encouragement” while urging the activists to “‘keep speaking truth to power.’” The following month, Obama lauded BLM for addressing “a specific problem that’s happening in the African-American community that’s not happening in other communities.” In December 2015, Obama described BLM as a positive force that was shining “sunlight” on the fact that “there’s no black family that hasn’t had a conversation around the kitchen table about driving while black and being profiled or being stopped” by police. And at a Black History Month event at the White House this past February, Obama welcomed BLM leaders and extolled their “outstanding work.”

This is the pathetic condition to which the our nation has sunk under Barack Obama: The President of the United States openly and unequivocally supports a racist terror group that has contributed mightily to the breakdown of law and order, and to the slaughter of police officers and civilians alike, in cities across the country. And he's done it all in the name of “racial justice.” 

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