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Important Books - Capitalism & Globalization Books

The Capitalist Manifesto: The Historic, Economic and Philosophic Case for Laissez-Faire
By Andrew Bernstein

In Defense of Globalization
By Jagdish Bhagwati

The Genius of the Beast: A Radical Re-Vision of Capitalism
By Howard K. Bloom

Teaching the Benefits of Capitalism
By Roger Butters

How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of Our Country, from the Pilgrims to the Present 
Thomas DiLorenzo

The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World
Niall Ferguson

Free to Choose: A Personal Statement
Milton Friedman and Rose Friedman

Economics in One Lesson: The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics
Henry Hazlitt

Reviving the Invisible Hand: The Case for Classical Liberalism in the 21st Century
Deepak Lal

The Cure for Poverty
By Herbert E. Meyer

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism
By Robert Murphy

In Defense of Global Capitalism
By Johan Norberg

By John Simley and Michael Knes

Basic Economics: A Common Sense Guide to the Economy
Thomas Sowell

Fixing Global Finance
Martin Wolf

Why Globalization Works
By Martin Wolf


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