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Discover The Networks has listed what its editors regard as important books to guide the reader who wishes to pursue questions raised by the "ISSUES" section of the website. These are, for the most part, heterodox books which the college student, for instance, would not expect to find on assigned reading lists, which tend to reinforce the indoctrination curriculum pursued by the tenured radicals in our universities. Likewise, the general reader might not be as well acquainted with these important books as he or she should be, since they are often not publicized by book-review editors and cultural commentators in the liberal mainstream press. These important books are, therefore, the nucleus of a counter curriculum and also an opening onto a larger and more diverse and informative world than the one glimpsed through the progressive peephole. This bibliography will be expanded over time. In fact, in the spirit of openness which this section of our website represents, we encourage readers to help us grow this list by sending suggestions for additions to it.

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