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Updated: Exposing SJP As a Terrorist Front at UC-Berkeley
By Sara Dogan
September 23, 2017

UC-Berkeley: Promoting Jew-hatred and Terrorism
By Sara Dogan
May 3, 2017

Getting What You Wish for at Berkeley
By George Will
January 10, 2010

The Terror Legacy of the Left
By Gary DeMar
June 3, 2009

Stifling Pro-Israel Views at UC Berkeley
By Reut R. Cohen
May 1, 2009

A Tangled Web at Berkeley
By John Ellis
April 8, 2009

Berkeley's Idea of Tolerance
By Ethel C. Fenig
November 16, 2008

Am I Diverse Enough Now?
By Andrew Quinio
August 4, 2008

UC Berkeley's Friend of Bill Center Fronts for Islamic Terrorists
By David Horowitz
May 19, 2008

Palestinian Checkpoint on the U.C. Berkeley Campus
By Zombietime
May 7, 2008

Berkeley Schools Guilty of Race Discrimination?
By Pacific Legal Foundation
March 17, 2008

With Their Heads in the Trees
By Debra J. Saunders
December 4, 2007

My Call to the Left at UC Berkeley
By Nonie Darwish
October 25, 2007

Nonie Darwish vs. Berkeley Left on “Islamo-Fascism” (And Immigration)
By Brenda Walker
October 24, 2007

Carter Comes to Berkeley
By Lee Kaplan
May 8, 2007

Teaching Law-Breaking at UC-Berkeley
By Lee Kaplan
March 19, 2007

Affirmative Action Showdown
By Heather MacDonald
January 30, 2007

Hezbollah Groupie
By James Taranto
July 27, 2006

Back Down Memory Lane At Berkeley
By Mark D. Tooley
October 18, 2005

Mark Danner: Blaming America for the Global Jihad
By Robert Spencer
October 10, 2005

Berkeley's War Against Israel
By Steven Plaut
March 7, 2005

California’s Betrayal of Academic Freedom
By David Horowitz
September 14, 2004

Coddling Campus Fascists
By Sara Dogan
June 30, 2004

UC Discriminates Against Asians
By John Moores
March 24, 2004

Time to Take a Stand Against Campus Terror
By FrontPageMagazine.com
February 17, 2004

Fascism at Berkeley
By Cinnamon Stillwell
February 16, 2004

Berkeley Anti-Semitism 101
By Dafka.org
August 7, 2003

Race Still Divides Berkeley
By Carrie Sturrock
June 4, 2003

The Unpatriotic University: Berkeley
By Erick Stakelbeck
February 28, 2003

Robert Berdahl, Berkeley, and the Free Speech Movement 
By David Horowitz


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