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Animal Rights Advocates

The Animal Rights movement began in the second half of the twentieth century as a radical effort not so much to improve the lives of animals in the care of humans, but to terminate entirely the connection between people and animals.

Ingrid Newkirk, co-founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), summed up the goal of today's modern Animal Rights movement in a speech at the Animal Rights 2002 convention, where she said: "Our goal is total animal liberation." That term refers to the permanent elimination of what animal rights activists consider “exploitation”; i.e., any use of animals for purposes of food, labor, and entertainment. The world they envision has no place for the meat, dairy, leather, fur, silk, and wool industries. They likewise object to fishing, horse racing, zoos, circuses, the use of animals in medical research, and even pet ownership.

The RESOURCES column located on the right side of this page contains a link to the section where profiles of animal-rights activists can be found. It also contains links to articles, essays, books, and videos that examine the beliefs, assertions, tactics, and agendas of individuals affiliated with, or supportive of, the Animal Rights movement.

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