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Immigration Groups

This section of DiscoverTheNetworks profiles leftist organizations that are dedicated to weakening -- and in many cases eliminating -- all regulations and controls on immigration into the United States. This "Open Borders Lobby" is a coalition of radical groups spearheaded by such entities as the National Lawyers Guild, the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Blurring the distinction between citizens and non-citizens, these groups depict any calls for the strict enforcement of immigration laws as manifestations of racism, ethnocentrism, and xenophobia. They seek to radically change American values and culture through mass immigration and the political mobilization of "alienated" immigrant groups.

The aforementioned organizations are part of a vast network of hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of grassroots activists -- all backed by hundreds of millions of dollars from leftwing foundations. Together, they have waged a sustained campaign to open America's borders to a mass migration from the Third World. Though these advocacy groups identify their professed concern for "human rights" as their guiding principle, the rights they demand are not the restrictions on government enshrined in the American Bill of Rights, but rather, claims on society for "equity," "welfare," and special treatment for designated immigrant groups. If enacted, these "rights" would amount to a revolution in America's existing social order. It is noteworthy that the groups leading the attack on America's borders are also in the vanguard of a coordinated attack against America's national security and defense structures, and of a campaign to provide legal aid to terrorists and other declared enemies of America.

The "open borders" movement originally emerged from the radicalism of the 1960s and matured in the fight over amnesty for illegal aliens in the 1980s. It gained a certain mainstream status in the 1990s as the "globalization" and "multilateralism" fads of the decade encouraged talk of a "world without borders" and the decline (even the demise) of the nation-state. At the center of the movement was the Ford Foundation—the largest tax-exempt foundation in the world, and one increasingly guided by the political left. Ford bankrolled the creation of new groups like the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund and the National Council of La Raza. Ford also expanded the role of established leftwing groups like the ACLU, and it promoted radical Marxist organizations—overtly hostile to American values and purposes—like the National Lawyers Guild.

The RESOURCES column on the right side of this page contains a link to the section where profiles of immigration groups can be found. It also contains links to articles, essays, books, and videos that explore, in depth, a variety of topics related to the activities and objectives of "immigrant rights" organizations. Specifically, these resources examine:

  • the leaders and objectives of the mass demonstrations that have been held not only in favor of open borders, but also in support of expanded rights, amnesty, and ultimately citizenship for illegal aliens;
  • the sanctuary policy directives that instruct city employees not to notify the federal government of the presence of illegal aliens living in their communities, and that consequently permit illegal aliens to benefit from city services;
  • leftist calls for amnesty (which would preclude the punishment of anyone who already has violated American immigration laws and is living in the U.S. illegally) and for guest-worker programs (which would allow illegal immigrants to continue working in the United States for as long as six years before returning home permanently); and
  • how the religious left has embraced many of the values and objectives of the open-borders movement.

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