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Heterodoxy magazine was established by David Horowitz and Peter Collier in April 1992, at about the time when Bill and Hillary Clinton were first rising to national prominence while radicals whom Collier and Horowitz had known in “the Movement” during the 60s were rising to prominence in American universities. Says Collier:

"Back then their deepest ambition had been to burn the university down. Failing in that objective, as in so many others, they had dived back into academia and gotten onto the tenure track when the revolutionary going got rough in the late 70s. They had accomplished the destruction of the university firelessly, so to speak, by marrying the thoughts of fascist leaning foreign intellectuals such as Paul De Man (who denied the objective existence of truth) to the thoughts of Marxists like Antonio Gramsci, in the intellectual equivalent of the Hitler-Stalin Pact. This putsch, which had taken place silently and in slow motion, had produced a new and sinister phenomenon opponents were calling political correctness, which spread outward like an airborne toxic event into the larger culture. . . . A cultural war had broken out, but our side didn't have an army in the field.  We decided that there was only one antidote for the new orthodoxy: Heterodoxy."

Collier continues:

"It could have been an intellectual journal. But it occurred to us that those of us who opposed this new treason of the clerks were in a position similar to the one we had been in [during] the early 60s -- a counter-culture fighting against an establishment. (Except that in the historical turning of the tables this ruling elite was now leftist with a deconstructive agenda.) And our publication should therefore resemble the counter cultural underground papers of our wicked youth -- irreverent and provocative and willing to enter the house of power and rearrange its furniture. Heterodoxy therefore set out, in the famous formula of A.J. Leibling, to comfort the oppressed and oppress the comfortable. For the next eight years, we attacked the world of PC relentlessly, fingering its villains and forcing them to do the perp walk. We named names. We ridiculed the fatuous. We constructed an intellectual CT-scan of the malignancy that was spreading throughout high culture. Heterodoxy was funny and brash. It took no prisoners."

After the Clinton presidency ended, Heterodoxy ceased publication because, as Collier puts it, "it seemed to us that the plague had lifted -- or that our little combat journal was no longer required."

This section of DiscoverTheNetworks contains numerous issues of Heterodoxy magazine. The link for each issue is followed by a table of contents listing all the articles contained therein.


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