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In recent decades, the entertainment industry has cultivated a reputation as a bastion of leftist ideology which is critical of America and often supportive of its enemies; supports big government and socialist economic principles; criticizes the military as a manipulated and used mercenary organization; backs a radical environmentalism that sees capitalism as the inherent enemy of clean air, clean water, and the well-being of virtually every form of life on earth; and proselytizes for a worldview that casts America as a society in which a victim class (consisting of nonwhite minorities, women, foreigners, homosexuals, and poor people) is everywhere oppressed.

The RESOURCES column located on the right side of this page provides links to profiles of numerous entertainers who hold some of these views. It also provides links to articles, essays, books, and videos that explore such topics as:
  • the leftwing worldviews and values that pervade the entertainment industry;
  • how Hollywood has been affected by Communist influences over the course of history, and, in turn, how the film industry has tended to whitewash the evils of Communism;
  • the anti-Americanism of many major cultural figures;
  • the prevalence of anti-Christian themes in Hollywood films;
  • how and why the Hollywood left has become a mouthpiece for radical environmentalism;
  • the political views of conservatives in Hollywood, and the challenges they face as ideological minorities in an overwhelmingly leftist milieu; and
  • reviews and commentary on films that present leftwing perspectives vis a vis issues relevant to the scope of Discover The Networks.



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