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Five Years Since Saddam's Seizure
By Paul Kengor
December 12, 2008

Harboring al Qaeda
By Thomas Joscelyn
June 10, 2008

Saddam's Salesmen
By Ben Johnson
March 27, 2008

Saddam Chronicles
By John McCaslin
November 6, 2007

Anti-Semite? Saddam Outdid Ahmadinejad
By Dr. Paul Kengor
September 27, 2007

Saddam Hussein: Stalin on the Tigris
By Harvey Sicherman
February 6, 2007

New Conspiracy Theory in Egypt: It Wasn't Saddam But His Double Who Was Executed
January 30, 2007

Members of Saddam Hussein's Defense Team: Execution Unconstitutional Because Rope Used was Fiber, Not Silk
January 30, 2007

Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi Eulogizes Saddam Hussein in Friday Sermon on Qatar TV
January 17, 2007

So Long, Saddam
By Burt Prelutsky
January 15, 2007

Don't Cry for Saddam Hussein
By Deroy Murdock
January 12, 2007

Just Deserts -- Separating Hussein's Execution from Therapy
By Bruce Thornton
January 11, 2007

The Rise and Fall of a Murderous Dictator
By Paul Kengor
January 10, 2007

A Figment of His Supporters' Imagination
By Jonathan Gurwitz
January 10, 2007

Gas, Lies and Audiotape
By James Taranto
January 9, 2007

Iraqi Justice: Saddam Hung in His Own Torture Chambers
By Anne Yasmine Rassam
January 8, 2007

Thus All Too Seldom to Tyrants
By David Gelernter
January 6, 2006

Symposium: Iraq - The Challenge Ahead
By Jamie Glazov
January 5, 2007

At the End of His Rope: Saddam on Video
By Jay D. Homnick
January 5, 2007

By Charles Krauthammer
January 5, 2007

The Madness of Crowds
By Paul Greenberg
January 5, 2007

Clicking on Death
By Kathleen Parker
January 5, 2007

Saddam’s Just Deserts
By Mike Gallagher
January 5, 2007

Dead and Buried
By Victorino Matus
January 4, 2007

Reactions to Saddam's Execution: Indifference Among Arab Regimes
January 4, 2007

An Act of Moral Hygiene
By Jeff Jacoby
January 4, 2007

Saddam Hussein's Last Negotiation
By Debra J. Saunders
January 4, 2007

Amateur Night at the Gallows
By Dave Weinbaum
January 4, 2007

Putting an End to the Saddam Problem
By James Lileks
January 4, 2007

In Defense of Victor's Justice
By Fouad Ajami
January 4, 2007

Religious Leftist Feels "Dirty" Over Saddam's Execution
By Mark D. Tooley
January 4, 2007

A Defense of Dicker
By James Taranto
January 4, 2007

Saddam as Victim
By James Taranto
January 3, 2007

We Executed Saddam Too Soon
By Micah Halpern
January 3, 2007

Look on My Works, Ye Might, and Despair
By Austin Bay
January 3, 2007

Ancient Lies No Basis for a Policy
By Jonathan Tobin
January 3, 2007

Abusing the Art of the Gallows
By Wesley Pruden
January 2, 2007

Saddam's Just Deserts
By Cal Thomas
January 2, 2007

Bury Him Good
By William F. Buckley
January 2, 2007

Justice for a Tyrant
By Jacob Laksin
January 2, 2007

Martyr Saddam?
By Michael Widlanski
January 2, 2007

Just Tragic?
By NRO Symposium
January 1, 2007

Speechless Hussein Trembled, Struggled
By Gordon Thomas
December 30, 2006

Death for a Dictator
By Jacob Laksin
December 28, 2006

Mr. Baker, Remember Iraq in '91?
By Jonathan Gurwitz
December 13, 2006

Saddam's Iraq and Islamic Terrorism
By Stephen F. Hayes
December 2006

Bring Back Saddam
By James S. Robbins
November 28, 2006

Kuwaiti Journalist: Death Sentence Is a Badge of Honor for Saddam
November 22, 2006

Saddam's Conviction
By Austin Bay
November 8, 2006

This Is Progress
By Michael Novak
November 6, 2006

The Reckoning of the Dead
By Joseph Morrison Skelly
November 6, 2006

The Verdict Is In
By The NRO Editors
November 6, 2006

Justice Served
An NRO Symposium
November 6, 2006

Justice Served
By Jacob Laksin
November 6, 2006

Saddam’s Scribes
By Martin Kramer

Remembering Saddam's Terror
By Peter Finn
October 7, 2003

How Many People Has Saddam Killed?
By John F. Burns
January 27, 2003

Saddam Hussein
By Tell Children the Truth

Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West
By Patrick Poole
July 28, 2006

Shaken and Stirred
By Josh Manchester
July 26, 2006

You're on Your Own, Pals
By James Taranto
July 18, 2006

Saddam Hussein's Iraq Had Weapons of Mass Death
By Deroy Murdock
July 13, 2006

Saddam’s WMD: Discovery and Denial
By Douglas Hanson
July 5, 2006

The Worst of Intentions
By Daniel McKivergan
July 1, 2006

Ansar al-Islam and Saddam Hussein's Regime
By RegimeOfTerror.com
June 2, 2006

Saddam Hussein's Trial and Tribulation
By Kathleen Parker
May 19, 2006

Iraq's Dark Decades (pdf)
By FamiliesUnitedMission.com
April 26, 2006

Saddam's Goering Gambit
By Edward Morrissey
April 6, 2006

TV Glosses Over Saddam's Depravity
By Rich Noyes
March 24, 2006

Saddam's Smoking Gun
By Ira Stoll
January 27, 2006

Saddam Can Handle the Truth
By Gregory S. McNeal
March 6, 2006

Saddam Sent WMD to Syria, Former General Alleges
By Sherrie Gossett
February 2, 2006

Tapes Reveal WMD Plans by Saddam
By Rowan Scarborough
March 13, 2006

Saddam Hussein Calls to Cut Off Nose and Ears of Former Iraqi VP
March 29, 2006

Saddam's Terrorist Blueprints
By Joel Mowbray
May 9, 2006

Saddam Hussein's Philanthropy of Terror
By Deroy Murdock
September 22, 2004

The Report that Nails Saddam
By David Brooks
October 11, 2004

Saddam Sponsored Birth of Al-Qaeda in Iraq
By adnokronosinternational
May 24, 2005

The Big Black Book of Saddam's Horrors
By Rebecca Weisser
December 7, 2005

Saddam Approved Executions
By Bassem Mroue
February 28, 2006

The Real Scandal about the WMDs
By Jack Kelly
February 21, 2006

Need to Know
By The Weekly Standard Editors
February 27, 2006

Intelligence Summit to Air 'Saddam's WMD Tapes'
By Monisha Bansal
February 15, 2006

Secret Saddam WMD Tapes Subject of ABC Nightline Special
By Sherrie Gossett
February 15, 2006

The New Documents
By Stephen Hayes
February 15, 2006

Open the Iraq Files
March 3, 2006

Saddam Is Forced to Attend Trial
By Hamza Hendawi
February 13, 2006

Saddam to Sue Bush and Blair
January 25, 2006

The Injustice of Saddam's Trial
By Elan Journo
January 27, 2006

The Trial of Saddam Hussein – an Interim Report
By Dr. Nimrod Raphaeli - MEMRI
December 14, 2005

Saddam Hussein: On Trial
By Dan Senor
September 29, 2005

Saddam's Nukes?
By Stephen F. Hayes
November 8, 2005

Saddam's Terror Training Camps
By Stephen F. Hayes
January 16, 2006

Saddam's Philippines Terror Connection
By Stephen F. Hayes
March 27, 2006

Just the Facts
By William Kristol
January 16, 2006

Justice Delayed
By Jacob Laksin
December 8, 2005

Saddam's Atrocities Exposed on Video
January 25, 2006

ABC’s About Face on the Saddam-Osama Connection
By Michael Reagan
October 11, 2004

Unmasked Men
By Mindy Belz
October 12, 2004

What Saddam Politics 101 Has to Teach Us
By Ayad Rahim
October 18, 2004

Al Qaeda’s “Boogie to Baghdad”
By Byron York
October 12, 2004

Iran Kept up WMD Pretense “to Deter Iran”
By Jamie Wilson
October 12, 2004

WMD Report Confirms Saddam's Threat
By Investors.com
October 8, 2004

Saddam Told Interrogators of Iran Fixation
By DrudgeReport.com
October 7, 2004

Saddam, the Bomb and Me
By Mahdi Obeidi
October 6, 2004

Down the Memory Hole
By Stephen F. Hayes
December 19, 2005

Why Did Bush Go to War?
By Charles Krauthammer
July 21, 2003

Saddam + al-Qaeda = WMDs
By Larry Elder
July 16, 2003

We Don't Care, Liberals
By Ann Coulter
June 5, 2003 

The Al Qaeda Connection
By Jonathan Schanzer
February 7, 2003

Beware the Neocons
By David Harsanyi
August 13, 2002

Alien Nation
By John Perazzo
August 15, 2002

Are the Democrats With Us?
By Chris Weinkopf
August 8, 2002

Saddam the Novelist
By Daniel Pipes
July 9, 2004


Martyr Saddam Speaks the 'TRUTH' about Palestine and America
January 8, 2008


Click here to view a sample Profile.

Hussein's Visual Map

  • President of Iraq from 1979-2003
  • Brutal dictator infamous for the torture and mass murder of his political opponents, real or imagined
  • Deposed by U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003
  • Executed by hanging on December 30, 2006


Saddam Hussein was born in the Tikrit District of Iraq in 1937.  He joined the Ba’ath Party in 1957 and participated in the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Abdul Karim Qassim in 1959.  After the failure of the coup, he fled to Syria, then Cairo, where he attended law school at the University of Cairo.  Hussein returned to Iraq in 1963 but was jailed for revolutionary activities the next year.  He escaped from jail, ascended to the vice presidency of Iraq after the successful coup of Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr in 1968, became general of Iraq’s armed forces in 1976, and succeeded Hassan as president of Iraq in 1979.

Upon his succession, he ordered the immediate execution of potential Ba’athist opponents.  Hussein maintained a Department of General Intelligence as the enforcement arm of his state security apparatus, using it to root out and annihilate enemies, real or imagined, local or overseas, of the his regime.  Hussein began a campaign to eliminate Kurdish opposition in the north of Iraq, even going so far as to bomb Kurdish villages in Iran, one of several factors that escalated hostilities with Iran and led eventually to the Iran-Iraq War, in which Hussein used chemical weapons against both Kurdish separatists and the Iranian army.

Overburdened with debt from the war, which ran from 1980-1988, and encouraged by those within his own state who believed that Kuwait was historically a part of Iraq rather than an independent nation, Hussein ordered the invasion and annexation of Kuwait in 1990; a U.S. led coalition forced Hussein out of Kuwait in 1991, but did not overthrow the regime.  The U.S. did encourage various segments of Iraqi society to rebel against Hussein’s rule, but did not militarily assist any such revolutions.  Hussein restored his authority ruthlessly, suppressing the Kurds in the north and Shi’ites in the south of the country.

Proof that Hussein was connected to al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations, including Hamas, and allegations that Hussein was constructing and concealing weapons of mass destruction, led to the Second Gulf War and the overthrow of Hussein in 2003.  He was arrested in December, 2003 and awaits trial for war crimes.

Hussein promised “the mother of all wars” if the U.S. attempted to evict him from Kuwait.  He did in fact get just that, losing perhaps 100,000 men killed and another 175,000 men captured, while virtually his entire air force defected to Iran.  In the wake of the 2003 war in Iraq, mass graves of Kurds, Shi’ites, and other political opponents have been found throughout the country.

During his reign, Hussein was a major supporter of terrorism. He offered $25,000 apiece to the families of PLO and Hamas suicide bombers, and has at various times supported, and been supported by, al-Qaeda and other groups.

Hussein was captured in Iraq by U.S. forces in December 2003. An Iraqi court subsequently tried and convicted him of war crimes, and he was executed by hanging on December 30, 2006.



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