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Khalsa's Visual Map

  • Founder of Earth Action Network
  • Signatory to Not in Our Name’s “Statement of Conscience”


A Los Angeles chiropractor, Dr. Mha Atma Singh Khalsa is the founder of Earth Action Network, an environmentalist, social justice organization whose activism is expressed chiefly via letter-writing campaigns; each month EAN mails to its members packets of pre-written letters of protest or concern (or members can download the letters directly from the group’s website), which they are asked to sign and send to politicians and businessmen who can affect public policy. Dr. Khalsa is the group’s principal letter-crafter.

In 2001 Khalsa joined other leftwing funders – including billionaire Aris Anagnos, founder of the Humanitarian Law Project – in withholding financial support from the Southern California radio station KPFK for not broadcasting the radical programs Democracy Now! and Alternative Radio. After the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Khalsa was a signatory to Not in Our Name’s (NION) “Statement of Conscience,” which condemns not only the Bush administration’s “stark new measures of repression,” but also its “unjust, immoral, illegitimate, [and] openly imperial policy towards the world.” According to NION, it is the American government – and not that of any other nation – that poses the most “grave dangers to the people of the world.” Through this Statement, NION, a Communist front group founded by longtime Maoist C. Clark Kissinger, condemns the Bush Administration’s “stark new measures of repression,” and its “unjust, immoral, illegitimate, [and] openly imperial policy towards the world.” Such are the views to which Dr. Khalsa lent his name.



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