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Reign of Evil: A Look Back at the Vicious Rule of Hugo Chavez
By Arnold Ahlert
March 7, 2013

The Hollywood Left Mourns Its "Great Hero" Chavez
By Mark Tapson
March 7, 2013

Chavez Builds Anti-U.S. Alliance
By NewZeal Blog
November 2, 2010

Hugo Chavez’s Disastrous Legacy
By Ruth King
January 11, 2013

The Chavez Legacy in Venezuela
By Jaime Dareblum
January 10, 2013

What to Do about Hugo Chávez: Venezuela’s Challenge to Security in the Americas
By Ray Walser, Ph.D.
February 19, 2009

Hugo Chavez- A Fascist and a Friend of Holocaust Deniers and Drug Dealers
By Emerson Vermaat
November 28, 2007

The American Friends of Hugo Chavez (pdf)
By Ana Maria Ortiz and Matthew Vadum
March 2008

The Heart of Chavez’s Darkness
By Jamie Glazov
May 5, 2009

Dancing with the Devil
By Ben Johnson
September 21, 2006

Venezuela: The Next Iran?
By Ryan Mauro
September 21, 2009

Venezuela Assembly Gives Chavez Decree Powers
By Frank Jack Daniel
December 17, 2010

 Chavez Seeks Power to Rule by Decree for 1 Year
By Fabiola Sanchez
December 14, 2010

Chavez’s Socialist Worker Militias Swell to 150,000 in Venezuela
By Matt Cover
February 5, 2010

Rage against the Marxist Machine
By Humberto Fontova
February 2, 2010

Drugging the West
By Ryan Mauro
January 13, 2010

Putting Our Economy In the Hands of Chavez Fans
By Andrew Bolt
December 17, 2009

Chavez, Mugabe Attack Capitalism and the West at Copenhagen Climate Conference
By Patrick Goodenough
December 17, 2009

What Are President Obama's Actual Objectives?
By Austin Hill
December 13, 2009

Cooling Hugo Chavez
By Austin Bay
December 9, 2009

Chavez Wants War
By Matt Gurney
November 13, 2009

Obama Defaults on Honduras
By Rep. Connie Mack
November 11, 2009

A Menace to the Western Hemisphere
By Jaime Daremblum
September 23, 2009

The Axis of the Embittered
By Matt Gurney
September 15, 2009

Deepening Venezuela-Iran Alliance Stokes Concern
By Patrick Goodenough
September 10, 2009

Venezuela's Chavez Accuses Israel of Genocide
By Vicky Buffery
September 9, 2009

Defiant Over Nuclear Issue, Iran Wins Sanctions-Busting Pledge from Chavez
By Patrick Goodenough
September 8, 2009

How Tyrannical Takeovers Happen: Past, Present, Future
By Neo-Neocon
September 2, 2009

FCC “Diversity” Czar Loves Communist Hugo Chavez
By Matthew Vadum
August 28, 2009

Obama Screws Up Latin American Policy
By Mona Charen
August 25, 2009

Terror on the Links
By Washington Times Editorial
August 21, 2009

Russia’s Weapons to Venezuela
By Ariel Cohen and Owen Graham
August 17, 2009

Bill Ayers and Hugo Chavez: Blood Brothers in Terror
By Cliff Kincaid
August 12, 2009

Put Venezuela On the Terror List
By Rowan Scarborough
August 6, 2009

Obama, Chavez Are Both Nationalizing Private Companies, Venezuelan Political Analyst Says
By Edwin Mora
July 28, 2009

Chavez Maintains 'Pact' with Colombian Drug-Trafficking Guerillas, Venezuelan Government Officials Say
By Edwin Mora
July 22, 2009

Honduras vs. Chávez
By Jaime Daremblum
July 17, 2009

Chavez to Join Next Blockade-busting Trip to Gaza, Says British Activist
By Patrick Goodenough
July 16, 2009

Behind Hugo's Harassment Of Honduras
By Investor's Business Daily
July 15, 2009

Hugo Chavez Coordinated Ousted Honduran President’s Failed Attempt to Return Home
By Patrick Goodenough
July 8, 2009

Obama Is in Russia, but Honduras Is Where the Action Is
By Dennis Prager
July 7, 2009

The Ugly Face Behind the Mask of Liberalism
By Selwyn Duke
July 7, 2009

Wrong Again
By Oliver North
July 4, 2009

The Wages of Chavismo
By Wall Street Journal
July 2, 2009

The Honduras Predicament
By Cal Thomas
July 2, 2009

Obama, Castro, and Chavez: The "Three Amigos" of Progressive Politics
By Arnold Ahlert
July 2, 2009

Defeating Chavez Democracy in Honduras
By Ray Walser
June 30, 2009

Chavez Rallies Allies, Hints at US Hand in Ousting of Honduran President
By Patrick Goodenough
June 29, 2009

Hugo Loves Mahmoud
By Jaime Daremblum
June 24, 2009

Chavez’s Post-Modern Purges
By Jamie Glazov
June 10, 2009

Hugo & Barack on a Similar Track
By Rich Galen
May 11, 2009

Obama, Chavez, and the CIA: Who Is Most Dangerous?
By Austin Hill
April 26, 2009

The Danger of Appeasement
By Ryan Mauro
April 23, 2009

In Defense of Appeasement
By Alek Boyd
April 23, 2009

Hollywood Liberal Sean Penn Defends Chavez
By Matthew Vadum
April 23, 2009

After Cozy Meeting with Obama, Hugo Chavez's Next Summit Is with Iran's Ahmadinejad
By Edwin Mora
April 22, 2009

An Ugly Handshake with Hugo Chavez
By Mona Charen
April 21, 2009

The Apologists
By Pat Buchanan
April 21, 2009

Chavez's Best Salesman
By Steven M. Cohen
April 21, 2009

Hugo Chavez Says Venezuelan Socialism Has Begun to Reach U.S. Under Obama
By Edwin Mora
April 21, 2009

At Summit, Obama Gets Friendly with Chavez
By Mark S. Smith
April 18, 2009

Chavez and Other Left-Wingers Plan to Stand In for Absent Cuba at Summit
By Patrick Goodenough
April 16, 2009

Unholy Alliance to the South
By Jamie Glazov
March 18, 2009

Chavez Unleashed
By Stephen Brown
February 18, 2009

Is Hugo Chavez the Future?
By Mona Charen
February 17, 2009

‘Welcome to the Bolivarian Decade’
By Patrick Goodenough
February 16, 2009

Kristallnacht in Caracas?
By Kathy Shaidle
February 11, 2009

Jewish Groups Say Hugo Chavez Is Creating a Climate for Attacks
By Patrick Goodenough
February 2, 2009

Oliver Stone Hails Hugo Chavez
By James Hirsen
January 20, 2009

Kristallnacht in Venezuela?
By Kathy Shaidle
January 15, 2009

The Latin American Left We Can Work with
By Ronald Radosh
December 15, 2008

Hugo’s Hezbollah
By Alan Levine
December 11, 2008

Oliver Stone to Make Chavez Doc[umentary]
By Ali Jaafar
December 10, 2008

Chavez's Fraud Game
By John R. Thomson
November 24, 2008

Summit of the Anti-Americans
By Kathy Shaidle
November 21, 2008

Chavez, Allies Applaud Obama Victory
By Patrick Goodenough
November 6, 2008

A Nuclear Chavez
By Peter Brookes
October 31, 2008

‘Time to Push Back against Chavez,’ Critics Say
By Patrick Goodenough
October 20, 2008

Murder Capital of the World
By David Paulin
October 2, 2008

Axis of Doom
By Kathy Shaidle
October 1, 2008

Russia Offers Chavez Nuclear Help Amid US Tensions
September 26, 2008

Chavez's Dangerous Liaisons
By Jaime Daremblum
September 22, 2008

Caribbean War Games
By Kathy Shaidle
September 15, 2008

U.S. Lashes Back after Chavez Forces Envoy from Venezuela
By Fox News
September 12, 2008

Russia to Send Squadron to Venezuela
By Vladimir Isachenkov
September 8, 2008

Tyrant TV
By Humberto Fontova
August 26, 2008

Hugo Chávez's Andean Offensive
By James M. Roberts and Ray Walser
August 21, 2008

Venezuela's Weak Strongman
By Jaime Daremblum
August 19, 2008

Is Chavez Facing the Final Curtain in Venezuela?
By Gustavo Coronel
August 11, 2008

Hugo's Arms Spree
By Peter Brookes
August 8, 2008

Chavez Accuses US of Fomenting Violence in Bolivia
By Patrick Goodenough
August 6, 2008

Venezuela's Chavez Makes More Anti-Democracy Moves
By Fabiola Sanchez
August 5, 2008

Comrades in Arms
By Stephen Brown
July 31, 2008

Chavez' Lightbulb Giveaway Called a ‘Disgrace’
By Randy Hall
July 21, 2008

Venezuela's Chavez Says Oil Could Reach $300
By Manuel Hernandez
July 14, 2008

FARC's 'Human Rights' Friends
By Mary Anastasia O'Grady
July 7, 2008

Hizballah in Venezuela: Will the U.S. Move?
By Gustavo Coronel
June 23, 2008

Sorry, Che, We Blew It
By John R. Thomson
June 20, 2008

FARC Loses a Booster?
By NRO Editors
June 13, 2008

Chavez Decrees More Castroism -- Then Backs Off
By Humberto Fontova
June 11, 2008

Interpol Drives Another Nail in Chavez's Coffin
By Gustavo Coronel
May 21, 2008

Interpol Probe Bolsters Claims of Chavez-FARC Links
By Patrick Goodenough
May 16, 2008

Dems Do Chávez a Favor
By Juan Carlos Hidalgo
May 15, 2008

Chavez Is a Terror Master: U.S. Intelligence
By Matthew Vadum
May 9, 2008

Ahmadinejad's South American Caracstan
By Robert Maginnis
May 6, 2008

Chavez Accuses US of Fomenting Bolivian Crisis
By Patrick Goodenough
May 6, 2008

Chavez's Big Labor Allies
By Mark W. Hendrickson
May 1, 2008

Nancy Hearts Hugo
By Matthew Continetti
April 23, 2008

Smoot-Chavez: Dems Play Politics with Trade. America May End Up Paying the Price
By John H. Fund
April 7, 2008

The Latin Crisis
By Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
March 24, 2008

How the U.S. Navy Inadvertently Supports Hugo Chávez
By James M. Roberts
March 18, 2008

Chavez FARCs Colombia
By Alan W. Dowd
March 7, 2008

The Israel of Latin America
By Rich Lowry
March 7, 2008

Chávez, the FARC, and Threats of War
By Ray Walser
March 6, 2008

A Lesson from Venezuela
By Thomas Sowell
February 27, 2008

Energy Solutions to Help American Families, Not Hugo Chavez
By John Boehner
February 27, 2008

American Sell-Outs Take Chavez Blood Money
By Douglas MacKinnon
February 13, 2008

Cutting Oil Supplies to US Would Harm Venezuela, Analyst Says
By Leandro Prada
February 13, 2008

The Putin-Chavez Connection
By Jose Noguera
February 11, 2008

Chavez in '08: The Rhetoric Continues
By Leandro Prada
February 4, 2008

Chavez’s 21st Century National Socialism
By Jacob Laksin
January 31, 2008

Will Venezuela Be Judenrein?
By Mona Charen
January 25, 2008

Chavez Causes Exodus to Florida
By NewsMax.com
January 23, 2008

Chavez to Colombia: FARC You
By John R. Thomson
January 21, 2008

Chavez: FARC Is Not a Terrorist Group
By Monisha Bansal
January 16, 2008

Chavez, Ahmadinejad Are Dangerous, but Both Have Suffered Setbacks
By Mark Bowden
January 16, 2008

Kennedy-Chavez Criticism of US Oil Misplaced, Critics Say
By Penny Starr
January 11, 2008

Push for '21st Century Socialism' on Track in 2008, Says Chavez
By Leandro Prada
January 9, 2008

Chavez, Joe Kennedy and Oil Math
By Gen. Donald Blaine Smith and Christopher Brown
January 9, 2008

Joe Kennedy, Hugo Chavez and That Free Heating Oil
By Mona Charen
January 4, 2008

Hugo Chavez Democrats' Systematic Removal of Conservatives
By Lisa De Pasquale
December 11, 2007

Venezuela Strikes a Blow for Liberty
By Paul Greenberg
December 10, 2007

Rolling Back Hugo Chavez's "Revolution"
By John R. Thomson
December 10, 2007

Democracy Dodges a Bullet
By James M. Roberts and Ray Walser
December 7, 2007

Democracy Pains
By Ralph Peters
December 6, 2007

Venezuela Strikes a Blow for Liberty
By Paul Greenberg
December 6, 2007

The Revolution Is Here to Stay, Chavez Says
By Leandro Prada
December 5, 2007

Blow for Chavez as Voters Reject Constitutional Changes
By Patrick Goodenough
December 3, 2007

UK Leftists Praise Chavez, Castro
By Kevin McCandless
December 3, 2007

Chavez Threatens Critics of Proposed Constitutional Changes
By Leandro Prada
November 28, 2007

Chavez-Church Clash Raises Questions About Influence of Liberation Theology
By Patrick Goodenough and Leandro Prada
November 21, 2007

Ahmadinejad, Chavez Forge Alliance
By Nasser Karimi
November 20, 2007

Ahmadinejad and Allies Want OPEC to Dump the Dollar
By Patrick Goodenough
November 19, 2007

Chavez's OPEC Speech Spurs Rebuke From Saudi King
By Dow Jones
November 17, 2007

Chavez Equates Himself with Jesus
By Patrick Goodenough
November 13, 2007

A Tale of Two Coups
By Oliver North
November 9, 2007

The New Fellow-Travelers
By Anne Applebaum
November 8, 2007

Venezuela's Planned Arms Purchases Leave Neighbors Unsettled
By Leandro Prada
November 7, 2007

Iran Sees Venezuela as Doorway to Americas, Republican Says
By Kevin Mooney
November 5, 2007

Hugo’s "Socialist" Folly
By David Paulin
November 2, 2007

Clashes in Venezuela over Controversial Constitutional Changes
By Leandro Prada
October 24, 2007

Eye on Americas
By Bill Steigerwald
October 12, 2007

Ahmadinejad Visits Anti-US Allies in Latin America
By Leandro Prada
September 28, 2007

Chavez Turns on Venezuela's Private Schools
By Leandro Prada
September 18, 2007

Chavez Wants to Control Private Schools
By NewsMax.com
September 17, 2007

Hectored by Hugo
By William Ratliff
August 7, 2007

Carbon Copying the Cuban Model
By Eric Driggs
July 19, 2007

Needed: Media Objectivity About Latin America
By Paul Weyrich
July 13, 2007

Chavez Goes Shopping
By Robert Maginnis
July 3, 2007

Hugo Chavez May Buy Sub Fleet
By NewsMax.com
June 21, 2007

The Castro/Chavez Axis
By Fred Thompson
June 14, 2007

Venezuela’s Totalitarian Turn
By Jacob Laksin
May 30, 2007

Danny Glover, Hugo Chavez Ink $20 Million Movie Deal
By Monisha Bansal
May 24, 2007

Hugo Chavez Shells Out for Danny Glover Films
By James Hirsen
May 22, 2007

Mack Assails Glover’s Movie Deal with Hugo Chavez
By Kara Oppenheim
May 22, 2007

Citgoing Nowhere
By Pejman Yousefzadeh
April 10, 2007

Latin Liberty
By Oliver North
March 9, 2007

How Dangerous Is Chavez? Let Us Count the Ways
By Pejman Yousefzadeh
March 6, 2007

London Mayor 'Red Ken' Announces Oil Deal With Chavez
By Kevin McCandless
February 20, 2007

What Chavez Wants
By Helle Dale
February 16, 2007

Congressman Accuses Joe Kennedy of 'Shameless Support' for Chavez
By Randy Hall
February 13, 2007

Standard Socialist Operating Procedure
By Paul Jacob
February 12, 2007

Joe Kennedy Pimps for Hugo Chavez
By Don Feder
February 2, 2007

Chavez to Rule by Decree
By Patrick Goodenough
January 31, 2007

Collapsing Venezuela
By Richard W. Rahn
January 24, 2007

Remote Control
By Marcel Granier
January 24, 2007

Chavez’s New Statism
By David Paulin
January 17, 2007

“Socialism or Death” in Venezuela
By Jacob Laksin
January 16, 2007

Imagine No Possessions
By Lynn Woolley
January 10, 2007

Chavez Swallows a Nation
By Bridget Johnson
January 9, 2007

A Long Goodbye to Democracy
By Mario Loyola
January 4, 2007

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You: The Axis of Evil
By Kenneth R. Timmerman
December 8, 2006

Re-Electing the Devil
By Sean Daniels
December 6, 2006

Chavez Predicted to Win Re-Election
By Kevin Mooney
December 1, 2006

Suspected Venezuela-Islamist Links Worry Lawmakers, Experts
By Kevin Mooney
December 1, 2006

Watch Chavez Run
By Aaron Mannes
November 30, 2006

Chavez Leads Venezuela Race
By NewsMax.com
November 29, 2006

Another Win for Chavez
By Mark Klugmann
November 28, 2006

Venezuelan IDs Help Terrorists Enter U.S.
By WorldNetDaily
October 26, 2006

Chavez's Theater of the Absurd
By Joseph Klein
October 23, 2006

Chavez Rhetoric Undermining Bid for Security Council
By Kevin Mooney
October 19, 2006

Boycotting El Loco
By Dick Morris
October 4, 2006

Chavez Calls Rumsfeld "Mr. Dog"
By Associated Press
October 3, 2006

Chavez Says He Has White House Informant
By Christopher Toothaker
October 2, 2006

Chavez, the Chump?
By Humberto Fontova
September 26, 2005

Behind Comic Relief at the United Nations
By Patrick J. Buchanan
September 22, 2006

The Enemy of Your Enemy Is Not Your Friend
By Joe Scarborough
September 22, 2006

The Axis of Oil and Nuts
By Kathleen Parker
September 22, 2006

Chavez's UN 'Antics' Could Boost Bolton Nomination
By Randy Hall
September 22, 2006

The U.N. Sucker-Punch
By Mike Gallagher
September 22, 2006

Back to the Old Days, if Only for a Minute
By Wesley Pruden
September 22, 2006

Even a Broken Clock...
By Ben Johnson
September 22, 2006

Trash Talk at the U.N.
By Stephen Johnson
September 22, 2006

Chavez Wants to Reboot UN
By Patrick Goodenough
September 21, 2006

Muted Reaction to Hugo Chavez's Outburst
By Susan Jones
September 21, 2006

Countering Hugo Chavez's Anti-U.S. Arms Alliance
By William L. T. Schirano, Stephen Johnson, and Ariel Cohen
September 8, 2006

Venezuela, Syria Join Forces Against 'American Imperialism'
By Julie Stahl
August 30, 2006

Chavez Lobbying Hard for Security Council Seat
By Patrick Goodenough
August 28, 2006

Venezuela's Jews Fear Anti-Semitism
By Vinod Sreeharsha
August 28, 2006

Russian Arms For Hugo Chavez
By Stephen Brown
August 11, 2006

Chavez: 'Israel Uses Methods of Hitler, the U.S. Uses Methods of Dracula'
August 8, 2006

Critics of Israel Hail Hugo Chavez
By Patrick Goodenough
August 7, 2006

Chavez and Ahmadinejad: 'We Have a Long Road Ahead in Battling the Rule of Hegemony.'
August 2, 2006

Chavez Cheers
By Bridget Johnson
August 1, 2006

Hugo Chavez Receives Iran's Highest Honor
By Nasser Karimi
July 30, 2006

When Hugo Met Vladimir
By Reuben F. Johnson
July 29, 2006

Cuba-Iran-Venezuela Axis
By WorldNetDaily.com
February 9, 2006

The Growing Iran-Chavez Alliance
By Chris Brown
April 12, 2005

Venezuela’s Information Office Hires Michael Shellenberger
By Aleksander Boyd
June 22, 2004



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Chavez's Visual Map

  • Communist President of Venezuela

See also:  Fidel Castro

In 1992, Hugo Chavez attempted a military coup of Venezuela. His revolutionary power grab failed and he was jailed until 1994 when he was freed by a presidential pardon. He was elected president in 1998 and has gradually increased his power and armed his personal militia.

Chavez has many links to violent terrorist organizations and totalitarian dictators. On Oct 12, 1999, Chavez was the guest of Communist China. While in China, he declared: "I have been very Maoist all of my life." Like the Soviet, Cuban, and North Korean hosts of past WFYS meetings, Chavez is a proud Communist and an enemy of the USA.

Chavez has sent members of his private army of enforcers in Venezuela, the Bolivarian Circles, to Cuba for military training. The purpose of this training is "to carry out acts of violence through them" when they return to Venezuela.

Writing in National Review, William S. Prillman states that "Chavez has also imported hundreds of Cuban activists" whose objective is "to arm his thousands of civilian supporters in the 'Bolivarian Circles,' a private militia that rivals the National police force." This militia, according to Prillman, has been involved with the theft of land in Venezuela. He also reports that a faction of the Bolivarian Circles claimed credit for a bomb exploding outside Colombia's national consulate offices in Caracas. A few days before the bombing, the government of Colombia had complained that Hugo Chavez was supporting the Marxist FARC terrorists and their revolution in Colombia.

Chavez has close ties to Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. He provides Castro with cheap oil, and Castro, in return, provides him with military support and training for his Bolivarian Circles. Castro has trained many terrorists in Cuba, including Americans, and has an extensive espionage network within the United States.

Chavez maintains contacts with terrorism-sponsoring nations in the Middle East. He was the first world leader to visit Saddam Hussein after the first Persian Gulf War. In 2001 he signed "cooperation agreements" with Libya, Iraq, and Iran. Former Venezuelan military officials allege that Chavez directly supports Middle Eastern terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda.

In the January 8, 2003 issue of National Review, Ivan G. Osorio of the Competitive Enterprise Institute reported that Venezuelan Air Force Major Juan Diaz Castillo directly linked Chavez to the Taliban in Afghanistan and al-Qaeda: "Diaz said that shortly following the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks, Chavez commissioned him 'to organize, coordinate, and execute a covert operation consisting of delivering financial resources, specifically $1 million to [Afghanistan] Taliban government, in order for them to assist the al-Qaeda terrorist organization.'" Osorio explains that according to Major Castillo, the money was funneled through Venezuela's ambassador in India, Walter Marquez. The $1 million was divided, with 90% going to fund the murders of Sept 11, 2001.

Judicial Watch, a non-partisan public interest law organization, filed a lawsuit against Hugo Chavez on behalf of a victim and a survivor of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Said Judicial Watch President Larry Klayman, "Chavez, as President of Venezuela, and in furtherance of his radical terrorist agenda, initiated a plan to assist, aid, and abet bin Laden and al-Qaeda to relocate and train terrorists for future attacks on the United States. Like Castro, Chavez and his henchmen have [the] blood of thousands of innocent people on their hands."

In a 2003 article for the Weekly Standard, Philadelphia-based human rights activist Thor Halvorssen wrote: "A day after the September 11th terrorist attacks, Chavez declared that 'the United States brought the attacks upon itself for their arrogant imperialist foreign policy.' Chavez also described the U.S. military response to bin Laden as 'terrorism,' claiming that he saw no difference between the invasion of Afghanistan and the Sept 11th terrorist attacks."

Hugo Chavez is also alleged to have ties to another designated terrorist organization, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). According to Ivan Osorio, "General Nestor Gonzalez Gonzalez, another military dissident, says Chavez has rooted weapons and supplies from Cuba through Venezuela to Marxist guerrillas in Colombia."

Thor Halvorssen adds to the case of a Chavez-FARC alliance. He writes, "the Colombian government declared that the head of the FARC terrorist group, Manuel Marulanda, is hiding in Venezuela." According to Halvorssen, "Venezuelan Foreign Minister Roy Chaderton gave a press conference where he unequivocally stated that the Chavez government will not refer to the FARC Columbian terrorists as 'terrorists,' because the Chavez government wishes to remain 'neutral.'"

In the summer of 2006, Chavez embarked on a six-week trip to a dozen countries. As the Capital Research Center summarizes:

"Venezuela’s president met with Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko and called for a strategic alliance between the two countries. He met with Vladimir Putin and purchased $3 billion in Russian arms, including fighter jets, military helicopters, and 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles. He also visited Iran, where he voiced support for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iran-financed Hezbollah, the Lebanese terrorist group; Vietnam, where he fondly reminisced about its struggle against the U.S. in the 1960s and 1970s; Cuba, where he held hands with an ailing Fidel Castro who sent thousands of Cuban doctors and teachers to Venezuela in exchange for oil at much-reduced rates; China, where he struck yet more deals; and Syria, where he promised another strategic alliance to free the world of U.S. domination."

In a July 31, 2006 ceremony at Tehran University, Iranian President Ahmadinejad awarded Chavez Iran's highest state honor, the Islamic Republic Medal, for supporting Tehran in its ambition to further develop its nuclear program. Chavez used the occasion of his award ceremony to say, "Let's save the human race, let's finish off the U.S. empire. This [task] must be assumed with strength by the majority of the peoples of the world." Moreover, he condemned Israel for what he called the "terrorism" and "madness" of its attacks in Lebanon.

On August 4, 2006, Chavez referred to Israel as one of America's "imperialistic instruments," and accused Israel of doing to the Palestinians "what Hitler did to the Jews." On another occasion he said, "The World has room for all, however, it turns out that some minorities, the descendants of the same ones who crucified Christ, took possession of the world’s wealth."

In a September 20, 2006 speech before the United Nations General Assembly, Chavez called Noam Chomsky “one of the most prestigious American and world intellectuals”; he called the U.S. "the greatest threat looming over our planet," a nation whose "hegemonic pretensions ... are placing at risk the very survival of the human species"; he referred to President Bush as "the Devil," an "extremist"; an aspiring "world dictator"; and the "spokesman of imperialism"; he called Americans "cynical, hypocritical, full of this imperial hypocrisy from the need they have to control everything"; and he asserted that "[t]he government of the United States doesn't want peace," but rather "wants to exploit its system of exploitation, of pillage, of hegemony through war."

In a nationally televised, June 2, 2009 speech on the "curse" of capitalism, Hugo Chavez made reference to Barack Obama’s move to nationalize General Motors, and, in a related remark directed to Chavez's longtime friend and ally Fidel Castro, the Venezuelan President suggested that Obama’s brand of socialism may be more extreme than that of anyone else. Said Chavez: “Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his [Obama’s] right.”

At the Copenhagen climate summit in December 2009, Chavez said: ""Capitalism is a destructive model that is eradicating life, that threatens to put a definitive end to the human species."

Chavez died of cancer on March 5, 2013.



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