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The Democracy Alliance's Grant Recipients
By Discover The Networks
January 2011


Because the Democracy Alliance (DA) has largely refrained from providing information about its giving, only a small percentage of the Alliance's donees are known to the public.1  Thus it is impossible to determine precisely how much money DA has disbursed since its inception. Most estimates, though, place the figure at more than $100 million.2  One source―Alliance partner (i.e., member) Simon Rosenberg―claimed in August 2008 that DA had already “channeled hundreds of millions of dollars into progressive organizations.”3  Below are the names of a number of DA's known donees -- and, in certain cases, the sums they have received from the Alliance.4  The Capital Research Center has done extensive research in identifying these donees, many of whom have financial and ideological ties to George Soros and the Open Society Institute that long predate their connections to the Democracy Alliance.5

Additional DA grant recipients include such George Soros/Open Society Institute donees as Catalist, the Center for Community Change, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, Democracy: A Journal of Ideas, the New Democrat Network, People for the American Way, and the Progressive States Network.15



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