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In July 2012, author and former federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy noted the following items about the Obama Administration's relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood:

  • The State Department has an emissary in Egypt who trains operatives of the Brotherhood and other Islamist organizations in democracy procedures.
  • The State Department announced [in November 2011] that the Obama administration would be “satisfied” with the election of a Muslim Brotherhood–dominated government in Egypt.
  • Secretary Clinton personally intervened to reverse a Bush-administration ruling that barred Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the Brotherhood’s founder and son of one of its most influential early leaders, from entering the United States.
  • The State Department has collaborated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a bloc of governments heavily influenced by the Brotherhood, in seeking to restrict American free-speech rights in deference to sharia proscriptions against negative criticism of Islam.
  • The State Department has excluded Israel, the world’s leading target of terrorism, from its “Global Counterterrorism Forum,” a group that brings the United States together with several Islamist governments, prominently including its co-chair, Turkey — which now finances Hamas and avidly supports the flotillas that seek to break Israel’s blockade of Hamas. At the forum’s kickoff, Secretary Clinton decried various terrorist attacks and groups; but she did not mention Hamas or attacks against Israel — in transparent deference to the Islamist governments, which echo the Brotherhood’s position that Hamas is not a terrorist organization and that attacks against Israel are not terrorism.
  • The State Department and the Obama administration waived congressional restrictions in order to transfer $1.5 billion dollars in aid to Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood’s victory in the parliamentary elections.
  • The State Department and the Obama administration waived congressional restrictions in order to transfer millions of dollars in aid to the Palestinian territories notwithstanding that Gaza is ruled by the terrorist organization Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch.
  • The State Department and the administration recently hosted a contingent from Egypt’s newly elected parliament that included not only Muslim Brotherhood members but a member of the Islamic Group (Gama’at al Islamia), which is formally designated as a foreign terrorist organization — so that providing it with material support is a serious federal crime. The State Department has refused to provide Americans with information about the process by which it issued a visa to a member of a designated terrorist organization, about how the members of the Egyptian delegation were selected, or about what security procedures were followed before the delegation was allowed to enter our country.
  • On a just-completed trip to Egypt, Secretary Clinton pressured General Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, head of the military junta currently governing the country, to surrender power to the newly elected parliament, which is dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and the newly elected president, Mohamed Morsi, who is a top Brotherhood official.
  • Huma Abedin, who has close personal and familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, is a close aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • In 2011 the Obama administration turned to the Muslim Brotherhood’s leading jurist, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, to mediate secret negotiations between the U.S. and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Qaradawi's anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism are legendary.

Who Is Yusuf al-Qaradawi?

  • Qaradawi has written: “There is no dialogue between us except by the sword and rifle. We pray to Allah to take this oppressive Jewish, Zionist band of people … do not spare a single one of them … count their numbers and kill them down to the very last one.”
  • Qaradawi has declared that suicide bombings in Israel “are not in any way included in the framework of prohibited terrorism, even if the victims include some civilians.” This, he explains, is because Israel is “a society of invaders” whose “nature” is “colonialist, occupational, [and] racist.”
  • In 2004, Qaradawi said: “All of the Americans in Iraq are combatants, there is no difference between civilians and soldiers, and one should fight them … The abduction and killing of Americans in Iraq is a [religious] obligation so as to cause them to leave Iraq immediately.”
  • Prior to 2005, Qaradawi issued a fatwa (religious edict) permitting the killing of Jewish fetuses, on the logic that when Jews grow up they might join the Israeli military.
  • During the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, Qaradawi declared that Muslims were obliged to support the terrorist group Hezbollah in its combat operations against Israel.
  • In a January 2009 speech that aired on Al Jazeera, Qaradawi said: “Throughout history, Allah has imposed upon the [Jews] people who would punish them for their corruption. The last punishment was carried out by Hitler. By means of all the things he did to them—even though they exaggerated this issue—he managed to put them in their place. This was divine punishment for them. Allah willing, the next time will be at the hands of the believers.”
  • At a January 2009 “Gaza Victory Rally” in Qatar, Qaradawi declared: “The only thing that I hope for is that as my life approaches its end, Allah will give me an opportunity to go to the land of Jihad and resistance, even if in a wheelchair. I will shoot Allah's enemies, the Jews, and they will throw a bomb at me, and thus, I will seal my life with martyrdom.”
  • In an October 2010 interview Qaradawi said that Muslims have both a right and a duty to try to acquire atomic weapons, in compliance with Koranic verses exhorting Muslims “to terrorize thereby the enemy of God and your enemy.”

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In December 2015, the Investigative Project on Terrorism offered this insight into why President Obama and his administration had so consistently been sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, its operatives, and its agendas: "Ever since it took office, the Obama administration has accepted Islamist groups and regimes run by the Muslim Brotherhood into its fold, under the belief that, when allowed to participate in government, Islamists will no longer feel repressed and forced to engage in brutality. Rather, they will channel their frustrations into peaceful political action, support a pluralist form of government, and forgo any violence."

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