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Obama Encourages Anti-Trump Protests

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's November 8, 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton in the U.S. presidential election, hundreds of anti-Trump protests -- some of which were massive, and some of which were violent -- were staged in cities across the United States. The key orchestrators of these protests were the ANSWER Coalition, the Occupy Movement, Socialist Alternative, and MoveOn.org

In Chicago, for instance, thousands of people held an “emergency protest” outside a Trump hotel, chanting: “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!”

In New York, some 5,000 people (including the political oracle Lady Gaga) demonstrated outside Trump Tower. “Their concerns,” said CNN, “ranged from policies, such as Trump's proposed plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border, to the polarizing tenor of his campaign that they say stoked xenophobic fears.”

In Oakland, some of the 7,000+ demonstrators damaged police cars, vandalized businesses, hurled Molotov cocktails and rocks at law-enforcement officers, and started at least 40 separate fires.

And in Los Angeles, more than 1,000 people filled the streets, burned Trump in effigy, and sang John Lennon's Give Peace a Chance. “Several protesters said they feared that family or friends might be deported once Trump takes office,” said CNN.

After approximately nine days of demonstrations like these, President Obama ignored pleas made by President-elect Trump and his allies to put an end to the unrest. Instead, Obama encouraged the protesters to remain vigilant. The Daily Mail reported:

In a snub of pleas made by President-elect Trump's camp to put an end to the unrest, President Obama told a press conference in Berlin he had no intention of quietening the crowds. 'I wouldn't advise them to be silent,' he said in response to a question about anti-Trump protests and riots which have unleashed chaos in several states since the election. Instead, President Obama told 'young people' not to take for granted their political freedom and urged them to be involved not only when they are disgruntled: 

'One of the great things about our democracy is it  expresses itself in all sorts of ways and that includes people protesting. I have been the subject of protests, during the course of my eight years and I suspect there is not a president in our history that at some point hasn't been subject to these protests. I would not advise people who feel strongly or are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised over the course of the campaign... I wouldn't advise them to be silent.'

He instead encouraged voters to take a more withstanding position and be committed to issues all the time rather than just when an election returns an unwanted result. 'My most important advice is to understand what are the foundations of a healthy democracy and how we have to engage in citizenship continuously, not just when something upsets us. Not just when there's an election or when an issue pops up for a few weeks.' 


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