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According to screenwriter and author Andrew Klavan, “There’s a culture in Hollywood where [if] you are a left-winger, you can speak very openly – even in business meetings. If you’re a conservative, especially a religious person, [you] have to meet in secret [and] talk in whispers. It’s a very disturbing kind of culture.” But while the entertainment industry is indeed dominated ideologically by the left, it is not entirely a political monolith. In recent years a number of conservative entertainers have made their political views publicly known, even at the risk of being shunned by their peers. Among these prominent conservatives are the following:

  • Trace Adkins: country music singer & TV personality
  • Danny Aiello: film actor
  • Stephen Baldwin: actor, radio personality
  • Pat Boone: singer, songwriter
  • Wilfred Brimley: commercial actor & star of the film Cocoon
  • Jerry Bruckheimer: TV & film producer
  • James Caan: film actor
  • Drew Carey: game show host & former TV actor
  • Adam Carolla: former host of The Man's Show
  • Tom Clancy: espionage and military science author
  • Jon Cryer: film & TV actor
  • Robert Davi: film & TV actor
  • Bo Derek: model, film & TV actress
  • Clint Eastwood: film actor & director
  • Sara Evans: country music singer
  • Lou Ferrigno: TV actor
  • Mel Gibson: film actor & director
  • Kelsey Grammer: TV & film actor
  • Angie Harmon: TV & film actor
  • Elizabeth Hasslebeck: co-host of The View
  • Dennis Hopper: actor, director
  • Patricia Heaton: TV actress
  • Naomi Judd: country music singer
  • Lorenzo Lamas: TV actor
  • Heather Locklear: TV & film actress
  • Susan Lucci: actress & soap-opera star
  • Dennis Miller: actor, comedian, & political commentator
  • Chuck Norris: actor
  • Ted Nugent: musician
  • Johnny Ramone (John Cummings), musician, founder of The Ramones
  • John Ratzenberger: TV actor, voice-over personality
  • Robert James "Kid Rock" Ritchie: singer, songwriter
  • Adam Sandler: comedian, actor
  • Pat Sajak: Wheel of Fortune game show host & political columnist
  • Tom Selleck: TV & film actor
  • Ron Silver: TV & film actor
  • Jessica Simpson: singer, actress, & TV personality
  • Gary Sinise: actor & TV star
  • Sylvester Stallone: actor, producer, director; star of Rocky & Rambo films
  • Ben Stein: film actor, game show host, political commentator
  • John Stossel: TV investigative reporter
  • Janine Turner: TV & film actress
  • Jon Voight: actor and political activist
  • Bruce Willis: TV & film actor
  • Lee Ann Womack: country music singer
  • James Woods: film actor
  • David Zucker: director of Airplane & Naked Gun films

While these celebrities are open in their resistance to Hollywood's leftist political orthodoxy, many emerging writers and actors are afraid to go public with their conservative views -- for fear of being ridiculed or ostracized by others in their industry. To encourage and support such individuals, the grassroots Hollywood Congress of Republicans (HCR) was formed in 2001. Hosting events that feature guest speakers who articulate and defend conservative principles, HCR explicitly promotes limited government, free enterprise, American national pride, and equal rights and opportunities for all people.


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