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In the 1930s, the universities were the first German institutions to capitulate to Adolf Hitler. Martin Heidegger, Germany’s greatest 20th century philosopher and the intellectual idol of American academics, hailed the advent of the Third Reich from the rectorship of Freiburg University. Fascism was an idea so messianic in its conception, so elitist in its attitudes, and so anti-capitalist in its social philosophy, that intellectuals found it irresistible.

In England in the 1930s, while Germany rearmed and began annexing territory in the heart of Europe, the Oxford Union resolved “not to defend King and country” against the growing fascist threat. The pacificism of the progressive left and the Tory right added up to an appeasement of Hitler that protected him when he was still weak and testing the limits of Western resolve. The consequence was World War II and 70 million deaths before he was stopped.

The lessons of history are not readily learned, and the past, as a result, is slated for an endless revival. The seeds of the contemporary opposition to the War on Terror were sown in the 1960s in the movement to oppose the Communist aggression in Vietnam. Once again the universities and the intellectual culture provided the most dependable support in the West for the totalitarian agendas of the Communist bloc. The withdrawal of American aid to the anti-Communist forces in Cambodia and Vietnam in 1975 (long after American forces had been removed) resulted in the slaughter of two and a half million peasants in Indo-China at the hands of the Communist victors. The blood of these innocents would not have been shed without the aid the Communists received from their supporters and appeasers in the anti-Vietnam movement in the West.

Now the West is engaged in a new war with a totalitarian enemy called radical Islam, which despises Western capitalism and democracies. And once again, totalitarianism finds its most dependable allies on college faculties. This time, the enemy does not offer lofty visions of utopia nor rallying cries of “self-determination,” nor a promise to revenge past national grievances. The jihadists of Radical Islam simply offer unmitigated hatred of the “Great Satan,” the United States. For the academic left, that is enough. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a sufficient logic to cement the alliance.

On university campuses across the U.S., tenured radicals teach their students that “one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” and that America is “the world’s greatest terrorist state.” The Middle East Studies Association and more than 200 “Peace Studies” programs share the view that America’s terrorist enemies are in fact the voice of the world’s “oppressed,” and that by challenging the United States they are advancing the cause of “social justice.” The views of such professors dovetail seamlessly with those of influential, well-funded student organizations that view America as the chief cause of strife between the West and the Islamic world.

The RESOURCES column on the right side of this page contains a link to profiles of college- and university-student organizations that may be classified as "fellow-traveling" or "apologist" groups that aid and abet the jihadist or Islamo-fascist movement. (“Fellow-traveling” organizations are those that accept the goals -- such as the implementation of Sharia in the U.S. -- of the Islamists or jihadists, though not necessarily the methods that are often used to achieve those goals. "Apologist" organizations do not necessarily share the goals of the Islamists and jihadists, but they offer excuses, rationalizations, and justifications for those goals and for the methods -- e.g., suicide bombings and rocket attacks -- used to achieve them.)

The RESOURCES column also contains a link to profiles of some of the more popular and incendiary guest speakers that Muslim Student groups often invite to their campuses.

The RESOURCES column also contains a link to texts that examine how political correctness commonly prevents campus groups and leaders from speaking out against jihad's apologists.

Finally, the RESOURCES column contains a link to profiles and synopses of numerous Islamic events that have been held on university campuses across the United States. Though they are usually marketed as forums that aim to increase cross-cultural understanding and inter-faith harmony, these events typically feature guest speakers who are either fellow travelers or apologists for the Islamist/jihadist movement. Consequently, the events are not academic discussions. They are one-sided political rallies that excoriate Israel while promoting the agendas and worldviews of terrorist organizations like Hamas, whose founding charter calls for the destruction of Israel.


Muslim Hate Groups on Campus 
By Daniel Greenfield

Stop the Jihad on Campus
By The David Horowitz Freedom Center

Campus Support for Terrorism (pamphlet)
Edited by David Horowitz and Ben Johnson


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